If you are wondering if SEO is for you, then check out a few thought-provoking stats.

  • 35% of people (or ninjas) will only click the top search engine result!
  • 75% of people don’t even make it on to page 2!
  • Basically, if you’re website isn’t ranking to well, then your customers are going somewhere else. And even worse, they could be surfing one of your competitor’s websites.

The results from a well-oiled SEO campaign are far more qualified than most other online marketing strategies. SEO focuses on those user’s who are searching for your products and services, so you’re certain to see a far more positive ROI.


Getting your website to the highest position in search engines will always increase your sites impression and the number of clicks you receive. Search engine optimisation ultimately helps to bring in more leads and more sales.


Search engine optimisation is not all about keywords and meta tags. Your sites architecture plays a major role too, so that your visitors have not only a good time, but an easy one too. It also keeps search engines happy!


There’s a good reason why such a high percentage of internet surfers click on the first result. It’s a trust thing! Top search engine rankings will give your website more exposure and more credibility.

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